About our Staff

Brittney McFadden | Assistant Director

Brittney McFadden comes to us from SUNY Purchase where she was a Residence Coordinator and where she gained valuable experience in teaching and advising first-year students. She received her her Master’s Degree in Higher Education from Virginia Tech and her Bachelor’s degree from Alfred University where she spent four years working in the Athletic Facilities as an event assistant. She spends her free time coaching girls basketball with the non-profit organization New York Grit.

Kamal Adisa | Graphic Designer

Kamal is a second year student at Parsons, majoring in Communication Design and minoring in Film Production. Originally from Nigeria, Kamal enjoys playing sports, be it soccer, rugby or ping pong.  When he’s not busy with work, Kamal likes to watch shows or movies and cook amazing food.

Stefanie Barton | Marketing Manager

Stefanie is a student at Eugene Lang, currently focusing her studies in Global Studies. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she was born on a pair of skis and has a soft spot for the great outdoors. Off the slopes, you may catch her improving her personal well-being through dance classes, yoga or walking around the glorious New York City metropolitan. When she’s not entrenched in her studies, she enjoys reading; painting; traveling the world and being a stereotypical writer in any number of city coffee shops, finishing her first novel.

Hannah Emmert | Outdoor Adventures Coordinator

Hannah is a senior studying economics at Lang as well as voice and bass at Jazz & Contemporary Music. She came to The New School as a transfer student from the University of London. When she’s not outdoors or in class Hannah is probably in the library reading Keynes or at orchestra rehearsal in the cello section. As a native New Englander, she has extensive hiking, camping, boating, skiing, rock climbing and outdoor leadership experience. On a hike you will usually find Hannah with a camera in hand as she is also an avid photographer. 

Ian Henderson | Intramural Coordinator

Ian is a second-year BAFA student, majoring in Design and Technology at Parsons School of design and Interdisciplinary Science at Eugene Lang. He grew up in Taos, New Mexico and has invested most of his time in athletics such as soccer, cross country, wrestling, track, golf, and skiing. He believes that health and wellness are not a choice but a lifestyle and a commitment to being the best individual possible. When he is not busy with projects or essays he enjoys walking around New York, visiting museums, drawing, and working out. You can encounter Ian running around the city on his skateboard, actually running, or at the cardio pilates and high intensity interval training (HIIT) fitness classes. Join him for a fitness class, day hike, or one of the many outdoor adventures this semester!

Frank Martinez | Mascot Representative

Frank is a second year student at Lang majoring in The Arts with a concentration in Dance. He enjoys drawing, painting, walking, and doing anything related to dance. He was born and raised in Harlem, New York. As a native New Yorker, he spends most of his time riding the Subway trying not to be late everywhere. One of his main goals in life is to become a successful choreographer/ teacher and become well-known for his work in the dance community. Though he may be quiet and succinct in person, you can watch him come to life performing in Lang or in other parts in the city. You can also watch him come to life as one of the people acting as Gnarls the Narwhal this season!

Lindsey (Dot) Meyers | Mascot Representative

Dot is a student at the College of Performing Arts, studying drama and screenwriting. She has traveled to all of the United States, with the exception of Alaska (soon), as well as thirteen European countries. She also performs subpar stand-up comedy and improv sometimes. She writes a lot, bakes a lot, and eats a lot of peanut butter.

Somaly Tum | Social Media Coordinator

Somaly is a second-year Lang student, currently majoring in Global Studies with a double minor in Mandarin and Spanish. When she’s not studying or writing essays, she loves to explore the city and takes on different fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga or cardio pilates. You can catch her taking pictures in any borough of NYC or quietly wandering around a bookstore or museum. If you ever want to take a break from the city, you can join her this semester on a day hike in upstate New York!

Gnarls LeGnar | Mascot

Gnarls LeGnar was born in the Arctic Ocean, about fifty miles east of Greenland’s border. When he was thirteen years old, he separated from his parents, Gnar and Gnarlene, to seek warmer waters in the northern Atlantic Ocean, just outside of Newfoundland. Once there, he befriended local sea-life and quickly made a name for himself as Gnarly Gnarls for being the clumsiest whale the Canadians had ever seen. Eventually, news of Gnarls’s mediocre athletic abilities (but charismatic personality) reached the United States. Curious to see what the land of freedom and chili cheese fries had to offer, Gnarls packed his rucksack and immigrated to New York in 2013. Today, Gnarls lives in a rent-controlled studio apartment beneath the Hudson River and works as a motivational charades-man. He likes Allen Ginsburg and Trader Joe’s taquitos.  Click here to book Gnarls at your next event!