On Campus Facilities

The Fitness Studio @ the University Center

Located on the second lower level of the University Center (L205), this 400 sq. ft. space is equipped with a built-in sound system and air conditioning.  It has a full mirrored wall and all the essential workout equipment such as yoga mats, blankets, blocks and belts; as well as jump ropes, resistance bands, medicine balls, body bars and dumbbells. This room is a secure space and is not available for individual use.

Reiss Family Fitness Center @ Kerrey Hall

All currently enrolled students may use the Reiss Family Fitness Center located in Kerrey Hall (63 Fifth Ave.) Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. No more than (10) non-residents can use this space at a time.  This space includes: (5) treadmills, (4) ellipticals, (2) recumbent bikes, (2) upright bikes, (1) bench that can incline, cable machine (with pull up bar), chest/shoulder press machines, leg extension/curl machine, lat pull down + seated row machine, medicine balls (4-12lb), and dumbbells (5-50lb).

To access this gym simply sign-in with the campus safety officer and exchange your TNS ID for a card to get you access to the space.  You’re allowe a 2-hour visit daily.  Call 212-229-5600 x1012 for current availability.  No reservations can be taken; first come, first serve.

Gym @ Stuy Park

Stuy Park residents enjoy a newly updated gym with two treadmills, two ellipticals, a spin bike, a multifunctional cable machine, and an assortment of dumbbells (5-50lb) and medicine balls (2-12lb). The space also includes two stability balls and three yoga mats to stretch and relax after a workout. Located on the SC level of the residence hall, only residents have access to this gym 24/7.

Gym @ Loeb Hall

Loeb Hall residents have 24-hour access to their gym located on the lower level. The space includes three plate-loaded machines: leg extension/curl, lat pulldown/seated row, and supine/incline/shoulder press. It also has two ellipticals, two treadmills, one upright bike, and one recumbent bike for your cardio needs, and a range of dumbbells (2.5-35lb), kettlebells (10-45lb), and medicine balls (4-12lb). Don’t forget to make use of our flat/incline bench, step with rises, stability ball and stretching mat.  Have a great workout!

Gym @ 20th Street

20th Street residents have 24-hour access to their gym located on the lower level. The space includes a cable machine with pull-up bar, lower back extension, two treadmills, two ellipticals, one spin bike, a flat/incline bench, dumbbells (5-50lb), two stability balls, and three stretching mats. After you finish your workout, wipe down the machines and/or mats using the wipes located above the free weights.