Class Descriptions

Descriptions for all the fitness classes of the Spring 2017 semester.

Barre Burn with Shannon

A fusion of ballet/dance conditioning, Pilates, and yoga, this class has a rhythmic dynamic and focuses on strength, stretch, and balance through easy to follow sequences.  Previous dance experience is not required and is an excellent class for all levels.

Body Sculpting with Irisha

Join Irisha for fifty minutes in a high-energy, calorie burning, muscle-sculpting cardio workout. She helps you get the most out of your workout by using high intensity cardio intervals and power-packed strength training circuits. These workouts will help you increase your energy, burn calories, have fun and feel fabulous!

Boot Camp with Shannon

Develop your strength, agility, balance, and cardiovascular endurance using body-weight drills and free weights.  This class uses timed intervals with exercises alternating between upper and lower-body movements building up to high energy, full body compound movements designed to unite your mind-body-spirit in a heart-pumping, high energy, fun grand finale!  Rounds vary from Tabata style workouts of varied work/rest ratios to one-minute intervals.  Because the class is based around timed intervals, you can work at your own pace and is ideal for students of all fitness levels.

Butts & Guts with Irisha

Looking to tighten, tone, trim and slip into a new shape? This is the class for you! We will use high intensity cardio intervals and a dynamic mix of targeted strength training exercises to firm and tighten legs, butts, and abs. It will melt away love handles, the dreaded cellulite, and everything that stands between you and the shape you want! You will feel energized and look amazing.

Cardio Pilates with Natasha

Cardio Pilates focuses on a total body workout, with an emphasis on leaning, lengthening, strengthening and toning using standing and floor mat Pilates in combination with body weight training exercises. Targeting the legs, arms, back, glutes, and core, this class will use the format of sequence training coupled with the foundation of mat Pilates to create a safe, yet challenging exercise routine. All levels welcome as modifications and variations are offered to support anyone interested in exploring the practice.

Fitness Warriors with Brent

Plyometrics and martial arts. Hop, crawl, stretch, and fight your way to a better body and mind. Warm up your body at the start by focusing on strength and flexibility. Next, power through bursts of high cardio designed exercises followed by martial arts combinations employed to challenge your endurance. Lastly, open your body and mind as we utilize supported postured stretches, allowing our bodies to cool and us to regain our focus for a stronger day.

High Intensity Interval Training with Brent

Sweat through a full body workout comprised of high impact exercises and interval training. Focus on building strength and endurance through resistance. Short timed rounds of explosive exercises designed to get your heartbeat going followed by intervals of lighter movements for optimized recovery. In between intervals we’ll be using small weights and resistance bands to tone and strengthen upper body, core, and legs. Students of all fitness levels are encouraged to attend. Exercises are challenging, but can be easily modified.

Jazz Technique with Shannon

An all levels class that will focus on fitness through jazz dance in a high-energy environment! Class will consist of a warm-up, technique-building exercises, and choreography. The health and physical fitness benefits of jazz dance include increased strength, agility, flexibility, coordination, and endurance as well as increasing focus and confidence. No previous dance experience required.

Latin Dance Jam with Serra

New York City is home to one of the hottest Latin Dance scenes on the planet! And our LaTiN DaNcE JaM! workshops will help you get ready to go out and have endless fun. 

LaTiN DaNcE JaM! will help you learn the beginner’s basics in Salsa On2 aka New York Style Salsa, Cha-Cha and Bachata. At the end of each five week workshop you will:
-Understand the rhythms, and timing of each dance style
-Perform Beginner Level “shines” on the dance floor
-Dance, and learn how to Follow -as a beginner- in each genre

Pilates with Nicole

Come and join this invigorating class that works on increasing core stabilization, strength, flexibility and posture. Nicole keeps the class fun and fresh by mixing classical Pilates moves with new variations in order to maximize the benefits from each session. Students challenge their bodies while getting directions on proper form and breathing techniques. Each week is a new routine so students will never get bored in this dynamic class. Suitable for all levels since modifications are given to those that need them and variations for those that want more challenge. Come join us for some fun while you strengthen and tone your body.

Relaxation Yoga with Serra

This class will move through foundational strength building poses at a slower pace to familiarize beginners with yoga, and enable more seasoned practitioners to get deeper into the poses. Restorative poses will be offered at the end to promote a sense of relaxation. Breath and body awareness will be emphasized throughout class to enhance focus and presence in practice.

Total Body HIIT with Natasha

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a form of interval training that alternates short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with low-intensity activity. A total body strengthening and conditioning workout that lasts no longer than 30 minutes, this HIIT class will improve endurance, speed, strength, agility, and increase metabolic conditioning for greater caloric burn. Students will participate in a dynamic warm-up to ready the body and a thorough stretching routine following so that participants are able to safely perform the exercises at top intensity for intervals of 30-45 seconds. If you’re looking for a new way to switch up your routine, are a HIIT veteran, or are interested in finding an alternative to traditional cardio or steady state programs, this class is for you! Sneakers are required, mats and additional equipment provided.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Marlee

Classes begin with tapping into the body through breath work and self-manipulation/bodywork, progressing into stretching and strengthening through asana, and cooling down with meditation.  A large focus of class is on anatomy and alignment with the hopes to foster the awakening of body consciousness. This class offers intelligent sequencing of poses along with creative use of props, which allow one to deepen and advance their yoga practice.  All levels are welcome.  Come with an open mind and an open heart.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Reem

A fusion of power vinyasa flow and guided breathing and mindfulness techniques, Meditation in Motion is the opportunity to find some inner peace in a hectic world. It’s about practicing how to move, think, and perform with maximal functional fluidity in the here and now. We’ll learn to cultivate the art of awareness on our mat so that we can better choose our energy, balance our body, clear our mind, and awaken our senses. We move, breathe, sweat, and sit still, so we come into unguarded contact with our supreme and sensational selves; more balanced and more blissful, we empower the strongest, most vibrant version of our being. With proper alignment, intuitive sequencing, and accessible challenges (set to music that makes moving irresistible!) the physical practice becomes a gateway to self-study, self-transformation, and self-love. The space is open and welcome to ALL who are willing and open!

Zumba with Alex

The last thing you should worry about coming to Alex’s Zumba class is “not knowing how to dance”. She makes it easy to follow and absolutely fun. Music used in the class varies in rhythms and styles. You definitely don’t need to be a “dancer” to enjoy a Zumba class with Alex. Put on your best swag and sassiness and come for a workout that doesn’t even feel like a workout! Dress comfortably. Jazz-sneakers (or any split-sole dance sneaker/shoe) are not recommended.

Zumba with Irisha

Zumba is the dance party for everyone! The party begins when you step onto the floor and, for the next sixty minutes, give your body up to heart pumping , soul stirring Latin, house, bhangara and R&B music dance rhythms — to name just a few! You’ll feel energized, refreshed and ready to “do it again”. Get on the dancefloor for Zumba and you will never want to leave!