Class Descriptions

Descriptions for all the fitness classes of the Spring 2018 semester.

Boot Camp with Shannon

Develop your strength, agility, balance, and cardiovascular endurance using body-weight drills and free weights. This class uses timed intervals with exercises alternating between upper and lower-body movements building up to high energy, full body compound movements designed to unite your mind-body-spirit in a heart-pumping, high energy, fun grand finale! Rounds vary from Tabata style workouts of varied work/rest ratios to one-minute intervals. Because the class is based around timed intervals, you can work at your own pace and is ideal for students of all fitness levels.

Box & Flow with Brent

Have you ever wanted to kickbox and do yoga at the same time? This class will combine both of your favorite workouts into one high energy class. In 60 minutes we will shadow box (sparring with a pretend opponent) and keep up our energy through bursts of high cardio to challenge our endurance. Then when we are ready to cool down we will employ yoga techniques to open our body and mind through supported postured stretches, regaining focus and setting an intention for a stronger day.

Butts & Guts with Irisha

Looking to tighten, tone, trim and slip into a new shape? This is the class for you! We will use high intensity cardio intervals and a dynamic mix of targeted strength training exercises to firm and tighten legs, butts, and abs. It will melt away love handles, the dreaded cellulite, and everything that stands between you and the shape you want! You will feel energized and look amazing.

Cardio Chisel with Brent

This is a boot camp class comprised of high impact exercises that will work on building strength and endurance. Through cardio kickboxing rounds mixed with bodyweight exercises and interval training we will get the blood flowing and heartbeat jumping. Then we will move into intervals of lighter movements for optimized recovery. Small weights will be used to tone and strengthen your upper body, core, and legs. All levels are welcome to join, modifications will be offered.

Barre Burn w/ Shannon

Dance conditioning and Pilates fused together to create a workout that will help you develop core strength, stability, balance, and flexibility.  This low impact workout is ideal for all levels.  No dance experience necessary. 

Full-Body Sculpt with Irisha

Join Irisha in a high-energy, calorie burning, muscle-sculpting cardio workout! You will work on your endurance, strength and flexibility through cardio intervals and power-packed strength training circuits.

High Intensity Interval Training with Brent

Sweat through a full body workout comprised of high impact exercises and interval training. Focus on building strength and endurance through resistance. Short timed rounds of explosive exercises designed to get your heartbeat going followed by intervals of lighter movements for optimized recovery. In between intervals we’ll be using small weights and resistance bands to tone and strengthen upper body, core, and legs. Students of all fitness levels are encouraged to attend. Exercises are challenging, but can be easily modified.

Power Pilates with Nicole

If you want to tone and strengthen your whole body join Nicole for a 60-minute power workout! Nicole brings the challenge to her students by targeting precise muscles through movements designed to stretch and strengthen muscle without adding bulk. Are you up for the challenge?

Slow-Flow Pilates with Natasha

Come and join this rejuvenating class that works on increasing core stabilization, strength, flexibility and posture. Nicole keeps the class fun and fresh by mixing classical Pilates moves with new variations in order to maximize the benefits from each session. Suitable for all levels since modifications are given to those that need them and variations for those that want more challenge. New routines are offered each week!

Cardio Dance w/ Shannon

Get your dance workout on with a variety of styles from Jazz to Hip Hop to Musical Theatre!  All levels!  No previous dance experience required.

Vinyasa Flow with Reem

Classes begin with tapping into the body through breath work and self-manipulation/bodywork, progressing into stretching and strengthening through asana, and cooling down with meditation. This class offers intelligent sequencing of poses along with creative use of props, which allow one to deepen and advance their yoga practice. All levels are welcome. Come with an open mind and an open heart.

DanceFit With Da Dutch

Come dance it out with a fitness-based workout that is ab intensive and focused on cardio, using a mashup of dances, including Pop, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Afrobeat, etc. of medium to high intensity. No dance experience is necessary. Come ready to Sweat It Out, Laugh It Out, & Shake It Like No Other!