July 17, 2017

Narwhals get Nautical

Stefanie Barton

Rain wasn’t enough to keep New School students from sailing the Hudson on Friday, July 14th.  Students in groups of 5 worked together with an instructor to man a 24-foot-long J24 sailboat, most being completely new to sailing.  Throughout the two-hour lesson, participants learned sailing terminology, how to hoist and trim sails, the process of tacking and basic navigational rules.

But it wasn’t just the sailing skills that students walked away with – new friendships also budded.  “Everyone on the boat had come from different places,” said Amy Brozovich, an undergrad student with a natural talent for balancing on unsteady seas.  “It was cool that we all had the chance to not only meet each other but also learn something new together.”

If you’ve never attended one of Athletics and Recreation’s adventures before, we encourage you to come out and try one.  Not only will you make the most of the city we live in, but you’ll also have the chance to meet new people and develop friendships.