April 20, 2017

Spring 2017 Central Park Bike Ride

By: Amanda Miller

On Saturday, our student Narwhals met up at Liberty Bicycles in Midtown for a day of biking in Central Park. With a tight knit group of eight and sixty-degree weather ahead of us, we saddled up on our bikes for a two-hour ride, making stops for water breaks and of course, pictures!

A fellow Narwhal, Marielle, mentioned how she loves to bike around the city, and once you start you just can’t stop! She told us, “Even though I love biking along the Hudson River, nothing is as beautiful as the Central Park loop.” She was right, there is no place more scenic than Manhattan’s most famous park, allowing its riders (or walkers) to sightsee many of its attractions. As we cruised through the park, we passed The Great Lawn, The Boathouse, and The Central Park Reservoir. Once we came up on our halfway point, we had to put our legs into full-gear, pushing ourselves up the small hills of Central Park—that’s right, it’s not all flat! As we laughed at our struggling selves, we pursued and promised one another that we would workout a little more in the future. Once we came full-circle, we headed back to the bike shop to get a refreshing drink of water. Taking off our helmets, and waving goodbye to Central Park, we knew we spent our day having fun and enjoying the beginnings of spring!