March 13, 2017

Narwhals and Rock Walls

By Bennett Donine

Narwhals climbed new heights this weekend at Brooklyn Boulders (BKB). The rock walls, caves and gym equipment kept students entertained on Saturday night. Student Celina Lacace said “Getting to know new people in different spaces you don’t go to often made this mix of the social and physical the best way to spend my Saturday. Oh and everyone getting ice cream together afterward was the cherry on top of an already great night.” Hannah Emmert added that it is “Always fun to do something different on a Saturday night, especially when it involves taking on Rock Walls.” This awesome trip was well received by students and Chloe Madison mentioned it is “Totally worth it for only $10 for 3 hours”. Whether you come to meet new people in a different setting, get a workout at a discount price or simply for the ice cream, The New School climbing trip to BKB is sure to get your heart racing.