February 13, 2017

BKB Love

By Kiera Flynn

When the group of New School students first walked into Brooklyn Boulders Saturday night, everyone was in awe of the atmosphere. Brooklyn Boulders was having an event night for Valentine’s Day that entailed a live DJ, couples climbs and lots and lots of food. BKB was a whole new experience for most students on this trip, and the theme for the night was a perfect introduction. Students were able to both climb with a harness and boulder as well as compete in partner style climbs and utilize the BKB gym facilities.

The students were raving about how much fun they were having on this trip. Mengyu Cao shared the following: “Yeah, yeah, I learned I have a little fear of heights. At first, when I tried to let go I wondered ‘how can I jump?’ But then you just let go and do it again.” BKB offers a wonderful experience to learn about you as well as challenge yourself mentally and physically in a fun and exciting environment. The recreation staff members helped new comers adjust to their surroundings as well as direct students to new and fun walls to climb. Joanna, a first year at Lang, and her friends were tired of climbing the walls and spent most of their night in the gym, “We came back here to this really cool gym, we met some cool people who trained us basically. They taught us a bunch of new things for working out.” At the end of the night the DJ played is music with an awesome screening of the film Moulin Rouge against the rock wall backdrop. Students were welcome to dance, listen to the music, or continue to climb. All in all, students expressed love for this adventure and cannot wait to do it again.